Become a partner of an American medical clinic

Earn together with the doctor up to 30% of his income!
We are glad to present the affiliate system of the American medical clinic.
In this affiliate program, you can grab 30% of an American doctor's income, from 1,000 to 4,000 bucks a day!
Since 2016, the doctors of the clinic have been issuing online recommendations for the purchase of medical marijuana in California and Nevada dispensaries.

A patient of the clinic who has received such a recommendation has the right to buy medical marijuana at a pharmacy (dispensary) and to receive:
  • the right to purchase from the age of 18 to 21;
  • the right to carry 8 times more marijuana;
  • the right to grow marijuana at home, etc. .
The clinic operates on the basis of the Telemedicine Law, and has 2 offline offices in Los Angeles as well. More than 150 dispensaries are partners of the clinic.

There are 4 types of packages in the assortment, valid for 12 months:
  • recommendation in the electronic format, for 10-15 minutes = $ 32
  • paper recommendation = $49
  • plastic ID card = $69
  • recommendation for growers = $139
The clinic buyers' trust provides a conversion of the site at the rate of 87% .

This affiliate program is perfect for owners of websites, blogs, subject groups/communities in social networks on topics such as: medicine, entertainment, beauty, health, fitness, creativity.
You can also use Google and Facebook.

Our round-the-clock support are assigned to the affiliate program.

Each prelanding passes a series of tests and the webmaster receives only those promos, which are guaranteed to bring him a profit.

We have developed tools to increase conversion specifically for this market segment.

The call center of the clinic is able to process several thousand applications per day. Applications are processed within 15 minutes, 24/7 - 365 days a year.

There are different options for traffic accounting - referral link, promotional code and via prelanding webpage, with transparent analytics.
We are ready to work individually with all our webmasters, regardless of turnover, because we see the potential in each of you.
No one will be left without the attention.
Men (69%) and women from 18 (74%) to 21 years old.


All cities of California and Nevada.
In 2019, the clinic is going to receive licenses for other states, so the geography will actively expand

Herewith, the residence of our partners does not matter if you know how to attract traffic from the USA residents!

Tested promotional materials are in the partner's personal account.
In your personal account there is a link to the promotional materials:
  • creative materials
  • texts
  • key words
Use them and earn money!
Payment for a lead (CPL) up to 30% depending on the amount.
The higher is the partner traffic - the bigger is the payment.

In practice, each partner brings 80-150 applications per day, which, with an average check of $ 60, provides payments to the latter at least of $ 1,000 per day.

Payments to partners are made to a card, PayPal or to any electronic wallet - without minimum restrictions, every week, in any currency.
At the same time , payments to PayPal- without any commissions, to other wallets and cards - through the exchange system chosen by you, taking into account the commissions of this exchange system.
1+ application
20+ applications
100+ applications
500+ applications
Step by step instructions
Get the link
Click on the GENERATE URL button and copy the link that appears, or request the Promo Code in the chat window from the consultant.
Customize ads via Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms, point out the resulting link/ received link or promo code and earn money.
Are you still have questions?
Ask your questions to the support team in the chat window or use telegram: @MarchWealth
In addition, call to +1 (888) 486 9577
+1 (888) 486 9577