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It is not an easy task to order or purchase from distant supplier, especially in international trade. This is especially the case with China, due to different barriers in both culture and language. Finding the right supplier will greatly reduce purchasing cost, guarantee product quality and shorten procurement cycles.
We specialized in textile weaving machinery, fabrics and also sell solar panels.

Weaving Machinery
As an supplier of weaving machines, we are now providing high speed rapier looms, low speed rapier looms, jacquard looms, terry towel looms, industrial fabric looms and air jet looms. These weaving looms have the features of Europeans looms, and also contain domestic design and technique. Diversified product range, reasonable price and first class quality have enabled us to provide specialized and right solutions for both domestic and overseas customers.

QJH910 Rapier Loom
QJH910 flexible rapier loom is the most popular machine and the representative of mature technology among all the weaving looms we supply. This high speed rapier loom model has applied the latest mechatronics technology, and can achieve stable performance with low vibration and less noise. The machine can also change weaving speed to suit various weaving needs. It is one of the most economical textile looms for sale with high intelligence and high cost performance.

QJH810 Rapier Loom
QJH810 rapier loom has been a best seller since the first machine was released to the market. It is an auto loom machine that carries excellent mechanical and electronic performance. This type of weaving loom machine has a precise control of the tension from warp and weft, hence improving the fabric quality. The weaving adaptability of QJH810 is very extensive, including natural fibers like cotton, wool, linen, silk, artificial fiber and all kinds of light, medium, heavy weight blended fibers. This model is the best price loom machine for sale in our company.

DF31 Rapier Loom
DF31 high speed rapier loom is designed according European large weaving loom and can realize all the functions of its counterpart. It is a top level model with excellent weaving performance and function speed. The weaving machine price is very competitive compared with its excellent performance.

DF71J Rapier Jacquard Loom
DF71J jacquard weaving loom machine has all the features of its counterparts, besides, it also embodies the features of high speed, low vibration and good stability. This machine is suitable for high speed weaving, especially for weaving thin fabrics, which has earned a good reputation in the silk market, wool market, leisure fabric market and etc. It is a highly automatic weaving loom.

QJH910J Rapier Jacquard Loom
We offer a range of electronic jacquard rapier looms to meet different customers' weaving needs. QJH910J jacquard rapier loom has extensive fabric adaptability; it is suitable for weaving cotton, blended, chemical fiber and other light, heavy jacquard fabrics such as decorative cloth, tie cloth, hometex and etc.

HH810 air jet loom
Air jet loom weaving is especially popular with customers producing plain fabrics and high density fabrics. HH810 is designed with the concept of providing superior airjet weaving performance with economical price for our customer. It is the most ideal air jet weaving machine for customers to develop top-grade weaving fabric, improve fabric quality, reduce environment pollution, reduce labor cost and increase economic efficiency.

DF71M Dobby Towel Loom
DF71M model is a high speed towel dobby loom with excellent design and prominent performance. The loom can weave not only precise garment fabrics and decorative cloth, but also industrial cloth like glass fiber cloth and filter cloth. This dobby weaving machine is competent for various towel production, including royal velvet, sheared towel, and other kinds of looped fabrics.

LG798-I Jute Loom
Industrial weaving machine can be used to weave geotechnical cloth, filter cloth, canvas, electronic fabric, gridding cloth, car cloth, airplane cloth, glass-fiber mesh and etc.

We have a wide range of fabrics, make a request and we will provide you with a price.

Solar panels
Solar panels produce renewable clean energy while securing low utility rates. Panels exceed industry standards for durability and lifespan.
Property owners are implementing solar energy at a rapid pace–the commercial solar market is expected to triple by 2020. Commercial, government and nonprofit building owners with large rooftops and parking lots, and farms and agricultural businesses with plenty of open space are monetizing these assets with solar energy that can reduce or eliminate electricity costs, providing an immediate boost to the bottom line.
Our team will work with you to tailor the best possible financing solution for your unique operational situation. We'll review all of the options with you and make considered recommendations that can assist you with your decision.

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