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Optimize the Health and Wellbeing of the people in California.
Protecting the Health of All Californians
The California Cannabis Association (CCA) works to protect the public's health in the Golden State and helps shape positive health outcomes for individuals, families and communities. The Association's programs and services, implemented in collaboration with local health departments and state, federal and private partners, touch the lives of every Californian and visitor to the state 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Shared Vision
CCA public health professionals, researchers, scientists, doctors, nurses, and other staff­ members have a shared vision to protect and improve the health of all Californians. We are dedicated to public service and passionate about our work and the people and communities we serve and protect.
Essential Functions
The essential functions of the Association are critical to the health and wellbeing of people and communities. CCA's fundamental responsibilities are comprehensive in scope and include infectious disease control and prevention, food safety, environmental health, laboratory services, patient safety, emergency preparedness, chronic disease prevention and health promotion, family health, health equity and vital records and statistics.
CCA's key activities and services include protecting people in California from the threat of preventable infectious diseases like Zika virus, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and viral hepatitis, and providing reliable and accurate public health laboratory services and information about health threats.
Other critical services include providing nutritional support to low-income women, infants and children, and screening newborns and pregnant women for genetic diseases. CCA also works to ensure the safety of food and bottled water, helps reduce smoking and its impacts and works to prevent chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, asthma and obesity.
The Association also protects patient safety in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, maintains birth and death certificates and prepares for, and responds to public health emergencies.
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Contact us:
Phone: +1 800 150 1050
PO Box 994702, MS 3544
Sacramento, CA
Emergency Information

For medical emergencies, please dial 9-1-1. If you live in an area without 911 services, contact your local emergency, medical or police service.
If you need to speak with the CCA duty officer relating to a situation which poses an immediate health risk, please call (800) 150 5010
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