help hotel guests register quickly
NO queues
NO reception
NO cost
Terminal performance capabilities
Any form of payment
  • Accepting cash, change by banknotes with the nominal of 100, 500, 1,000 rubles or by coins
  • Secure payment — at payments, PIN code is always required. The responsibility is assumed by the bank, not the hotel.
  • Checking the passport for authenticity
  • Verification of the identity of a person comparing to the photo in the passport
  • Passport data detection by photo-scanner within 5 seconds
Printing fiscal receipts in accordance with local law
Reducing collection costs
Using a recycling system for issuing banknotes is possible
Compatible with the hotel software
Opera Enterprise Solution Suite 8 (Fidelio), 1C HOTEL Epitome, Logus HMS

The integration with Bnovo Hotel, Shelter, FrontDesk24, 1C-BIT Hotel is planned

Quick check-out
It is enough to pass the key card back to the terminal
Easy connection
Only a plug and an internet cable are needed

Calculation of the benefits of the terminal use
Terminal costs
  • One terminal will replace 1-2 administrators.
  • The Terminal costs from €12.000
  • The monthly maintenance cost is just €450
Personnel costs
  • For serving guests during shifts of 2/2, 1/3, three persons are required.
  • Their salary is €2.500 × contributions to funds × vacations, sick leaves and holidays = €4.480. Multiplying it by 3 persons and 12 months, we get €61.280 a year.
  • Add premiums for night shifts and holidays.
The terminal will make the check-in convenient for the hotel guests
Data reporting
Integration with the hotel database. Receiving key cards and updating information on free rooms. Employees enter information into the database manually. Because of queues, guests often do not hand over key cards as they hurry to the plane or train.
No queues
Now the guests do not need to stand in a queue, waiting for the employee to check the papers. They can conveniently and quickly arrange check-in on their own.
Comfort check
For modern people, submitting a passport to the scanning terminal is easier than showing it to a person.
Technical features

Cost of ready solutions for 4CHECK.IN terminals
Issuing keys
Issuing key sand accepting bank cards
Issuing keys, accepting bank cards and cash
12.000 euro
16.000 euro
18.000 euro­­­­­­­­­­­­
Monthly subscription to the cloud software
150 euro
200 euro

250 euro
Annual maintenance
3.500 euro
4.500 euro
5.500 euro
Installation, setup and integration
1.000 euro
1.500 euro
2.000 euro
Data Recognition License
250 euro
250 euro
250 euro
Passport Verification License
700 euro
700 euro
700 euro
Face Recognition License
400 euro
400 euro
400 euro
In the future, the terminal functionality can be extended by purchasing the following modules:
1. Сard payment module
  • pin-pad keyboards
  • пreceiver of bank cards and contactless payments
2. Сash payment module
    • cash acceptor
    • change giving in cash
    • cash deposit box
    Intergration with PMS systems
    How does the integration with the hotel PMS system occur? What PSM systems are available for the integration?

    Our solution has a developed library for working with interfaces of PSM systems. At the moment, there is the integration with Fidelio, Opera, 1C Hotel, Epitome. It is planned to integrate with Bnovo, Logus, 1C bit hotel, FrontDesk24.

    Can you perform integration with our system? What will be the cost?

    Yes, we can develop the integration with any PMS system. We do not take payment for the integration from our side. If the PMS system needs to be modified, you pay your integrator for this development.
    Issuing a key card
    How the information is recorded on the key card? What locks do kiosks work with?

    In order to record information on a key card, contactless cards with any recording protocol (Mafire (RFID), EmMarine) should be used. We build in the encoder from the lock manufacturer into the imbedded card dispenser.

    How many cards can a kiosk issue?

    120 to 300 cards, depending on the configuration.

    Can the kiosk perform CHECK OUT?
    Yes, if such function is provided in the hotel PMS system. A kiosk can accept cards and store up to 100 cards in a special card vender.

    Do I need to buy a card encoder?

    Yes, the customer should provide a card encoder, because it is not included in the kiosk cost.
    Passport scanning
    Can the terminal scan and recognize the passport data?
    Yes, there is an integraged passport photo scanner. The scanning takes 1-2 seconds. The recognition lasts no more than 5 seconds.

    How many scans are needed?

    A scan of pages 1, 2 and a registration page are required for local citizen.

    Can the scanner recognize foreign passports?
    Yes, any foreign passports. There is also a function of recognition of the visa and its validity. The migration card is scanned without recognition.

    Does the software correspond to Laws for personal data processing?
    Yes, because the terminal does not save the passport data, but transfers it automatically to the hotel server. We also provide requirements for the hotel in accordance with local laws (a contract between the guest and the hotel, a link to the law number and its conformity).

    How is the contract signed between the hotel and the guest?

    The contract specifies that the user has the right to sign the contract on the touch screen with the help of the stylus.

    Can I scan 2 passports? Can a guest scan blank pages?
    Yes, if 2 guests are indicated in the reservation. The system will recognize the required page. If the page does not meet the requirements, we suggest that you rescan the required page.

    What if a guest scanned another person's passport or a printed scan of the passport?

    Our terminals have passport scanners with integrated infrared and ultraviolet scanning, which makes it possible to verify the passport and distinguish it from counterfeiting.

    How is the person identification performed?

    If the guest's photo from the passport and the guest's photo do not match (do not resemble each other), the system performs blocking and does not allow the check-in for this guest.
    Software Update
    How often are software update releases? Who pays for the updates?
    The software updates are quarter-by-quarter. The updates do not need to be paid, since they are included in the maintenance cost.

    Can I customize the software according to my requirements? Can I make an individual design of the graphic part?
    We do not welcome the individual design development, since the use of the software should be simple and not be distracted by vivid colors. The modifications can be done and agreed with us, if we do not plan to perform them in our updates. In this case, the modifications shall be paid.

    Kiosks branding.
    Yes, the cost of the kiosk includes branding (pasting, corporate colors painting). We use stencil stickers manufactured by 3M.
    Cash Drawer
    What cash drawer is installed in the kiosk? How should it be serviced?
    There is a PayOnline cash drawer with a fiscal drive in accordance with local laws. You can install any cash drawer on the basis of Custom VKP80-II.

    Cash drawer registration
    The cash drawer should be registered by the Customer in the same way as any cash drawer installed at the reception.

    All X and Z reports can be printed out through the terminal at the end of the shift.

    How the payment by cards can be activated?
    The customer should conclude an acquiring contract (Uniteller, Sberbank). After that, our company will provide a firmware for installation in kiosks.

    Can a guest pay by someone else's bank card?

    Yes. But the whole responsibility lies with the cardholder who reported the card pin code, because a payment without entering the pin code in the kiosk is impossible.

    Do I need a fiscal data recorder (cash register equipment) if only non-cash card payment is accepted?

    Yes, these are the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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